Sunday, January 2, 2011

biiiig news

I think the definition of "news" is that it is,  And I think if the news is 2 months old, it doesn't really qualify as, well, new.  But here goes anyhow.

Dow and I are getting MARRIED!  I had to wait to tell you until the proper people had been told in the proper way.

November 10, 2010 we went up to Lars and Amy's old cabin to join the Texans for music.  Oh geez, this is going to take some back story since I quit blogging around that time.  Alright, settle in!

Lars and Amy have an old cabin that they rent out by the night for people to get away.  In November 2009, The Texans came.  And endeared themselves to us, after staying in the cabin for a month.  The main Texans include George & Della, Bubba, and Leroy, whose family consists of What's-Her-Name and Her Kids.  Bubba has got an amazing voice, one you'd expect to hear on country radio and he plays the guitar.

So, this year, the Texans were back and we had dinner plans.  We were going up to the cabin where Della cooked up some chicken and dumplin's and we were going to play some music.  Except when Dow and I got there, Amy, Lars, and some new Texans were sitting around the table with cookies in the middle.  George, Della, and Bubba were nowhere to be found.  It turns out that Bubba broke his arm when his horse took off bucking and they were at the emergency room.

But there were still chicken and dumplings left, so Dow and I ate while everyone else sat there.  Then Lars said we should play music.  Without Bubba?  These Texans, and their teenage daughters, looked like they could care less.  And when Amy started to protest, Lars said, "Just a couple of songs; the girls really want to hear it."  Did I mention that the teenage girls looked like they could care less?  They even exchanged glances saying, "What the heck?"  And I thought to myself, "That's weird.  Usually Lars is really good at reading people..."  But, ok.

So they sang a song.  And then they chose another.  How about "Don't Fence Me in"?  Now there are a couple extra parts to this song.  First, the song says "Wildcat Kelly," but Amy always changes the name to someone there - 95% of the time she picks Dow.  Then there's the sheriff and the sweetheart, who are usually the male and female there who know the song.  Since she usually uses Wildcat Dow, I asked who the sheriff would be that night, since no one else knew the song.  So Amy decided Dow should be the sheriff and Leroy should be Wildcat.  Messing up Lars and Dow's plan, but she didn't know that since she wasn't involved in "the plan".

I had Leroy move to the middle of the couch; I sat on one side of Leroy and tried to get Dow to sit on the other, but he refused.  Instead he sat next to me on the smallest portion of couch possible and I wondered to myself why Dow had suddenly become so weird about sitting next to a man.  Until I noticed his hand cupped on top of his pocket.  And I wondered if he was going to do it then, but then I realized that I shouldn't think that way or every minute of our time together I'd start wondering if "this" was the time.  So we went on singing.

When it came time for the sweetheart's line, I sang to Leroy in my very finest, "It's time to settle down!" and that's when Dow tapped on my shoulder, pushed my leg, pulled out the ring, and said, "If that's the case, will you marry me?"  And everyone except Lars was flabbergasted.

Amy's mouth hung so far open, I think Lars had to tell her to close it.  And the Texans, well, they had no clue what to think and the teenage girls just filed out of the room as soon as they could.  I, as you might have guessed, said yes.

The ring was, is, absolutely beautiful.

He picked a ring from an actual jeweler and had a few tweaks made so my ring would be one of a kind, with diamonds and swirls on the side.

And you can see the whole diamond, which is really cool...until you forget to take it off when kneading bread.  Then it gets really nasty.

Anyhow, that's the big news.  Dow and I are engaged and we're planning on getting married August 27, 2011 at Amy and Lars' cabin.

Much love,
The Dow Wrangler


  1. Congrats!!! I am so happy for ya'll! :) good job Justin!

  2. YAY! I read the whole story again because it is just so sweet :) I am so happy for you two and can't wait to be there for the big day.
    I love that you are so in love!